Q: What is Glitter Balm and it’s purpose?
A: Glitter Balm is wearable glitter for the face, body and hair. It should not be used as an eyeshadow or in the eye area, nor should it be ingested. Glitter Balm can be used for any and everything. From a bachelorette party to a kids soccer game, and everything in between. It’s a fun way to show spirit and be festive for any occasion.

Q: What is in your glitter balm? Is it skin friendly?
A: I make my glitter balm with a hypoallergenic gel base. Aside from the glitter, there are no additives, scents or oils to keep as skin friendly as possible. I always recommend doing a small test spot if you have easily irritated skin.

Q: How long does it last?
A: That depends on how you care for it. As stated above, there are no additives or oils so yes, over time it will dry out. I recommend keeping in a ziploc bag when not in use and make sure the lid is securely tightened. The jars also come with a seal, do not throw that out, keep it in the jar. Check on them every now and then and if they are starting to look a little dry, you can add a tiny bit of water.

Q: Do you do Wholesale?
A: Yes! I do offer wholesale pricing to shops and boutiques. You can email, message via social media or fill out a contact us form for more info.

Q: Do you offer Team Discounts?
A: Yes! I do offer my wholesale pricing to teams - a minimum quantity is required.

Q: Do you do custom mixes?
A: Yes! I do offer custom mixes, however a minimum quantity of 12 regular jars or more is required for a custom mix.

Q: How many uses can I get out of one jar?
A: Well. I’ve had people use an entire mini jar at one time. It all depends on how much you’re applying and the look you’re going for. I usually say a regular size jar (15gs) will last between 10-15 uses while the mini jars (5gs) are between 4-6 uses.

Q: How do you apply it?
A: Applying is super easy. Personally, I use my finger, but I also send a mini spatula with every purchase. Some people also find it easier to use a makeup brush, such as a smaller eye shadow brush. Just grab a little with whatever tool you choose, start where you want it and kinda drag and blot to fill in until you get desired look. I recommend letting dry for at-least 10 minutes.

Q: How do you remove it?
A: Ok, are you ready to be mind blown? A Lint Roller! Yes. That simple, just roll the lint roller over the glitter and it pulls it right off, then you can toss the sheet in the trash.

If there are any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask and contact me below! I'll be happy to answer any questions y'all might have!

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